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Project Description
Minima is a blog engine built on Themelia Pro 2.0 and WCF. Therefore, it provides a completely new paradigm for blog engines. It's also used to power and is used by Jampad Technology, Inc. in .NET training.

The purpose of Minima is to provide functional, real-world applications of .NET technologies. Therefore, Minima is continually fully re-architected (not "over architected"; there's no such thing in the professional world), re-designed, and re-structured on a regular basis to demonstrate the most of up-to-date technologies, paradigms, and best-practices.

NetFXHarmonics Blog

Minima 3.0 Announcement and Overview

As a Training Tool

Minima is often used as a training tool for introductory, intermediate, and expert-level .NET.

Minima 2.0 could be used as a training tool for ASP.NET, CSS theming, proper use of global.asax, integrating with Windows Live Writer, framework design guidelines, HttpModules, HttpHandlers, HttpHandlerFactories, LINQ, type organization, proper-SQL Server table design and naming scheme, XML serialization, and XML-RPC.NET usage.

Minima 3.1 can be used as a training tool for the same concepts and technologies as Minima 2.0 as well as SOA principles, custom WCF service host factories, custom WCF behaviors, WCF username authentication, custom WCF declarative operation-level security, WCF exception shielding and fault management, custom WCF message header usage, WCF type organization, WCF-LINQ DTO transformation, enhanced WCF clients, using WCF sessions for Captcha verification, SQL Server 2005 schema security, XmlWriter usage, ASP.NET programmatic user control usage, custom configuration sections, WCF JavaScript clients, ASP.NET control JavaScript registration, JavaScript namespaces, WCF JSON services, WCF RSS services, ASP.NET templated databinding, and ASP.NET control componentization.

Themelia Pro 2.0

It's important to note that Minima is technically plug-in for Themelia Pro 2.0. To learn more about the Themelia Pro, see

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